When it comes to dance, New Jersey native Edith Cruz continues to seek new ways to teach, grow and learn with her surrounding communities. Raised in Kansas City, she’s always had a passion for dance, but it wasn’t until the final semesters of her college career when she decided she wanted to do more. 


As a first-generation immigrant, Edith knew there was always a great power that came from adversity - the art of hustle and working hard. When she spontaneously

decided to take a on a heels teaching position in Kansas City, it finally clicked to her that dance was not always about the choreography or movement, but rather the confidence, humility and passion we have within ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and just have fun.


As a communications professional during the day, Edith spends her nights teaching around the city, in addition to her newest heels open-level program that caters to women empowerment, self love and everything beautiful in between. It’s not about our skill level - it’s about how hard are we willing to work for the things we love. 

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